Saturday, April 3, 2010

Worlds collide


What happens when a Dan and an Ali come together. Hardly a collision, we've been living together for three and a half years, but a chaotic coexistence. Planting schedules and seed packets up front, Bob (the bike) magically suspended in mid-air by Dan's new bike stand. The bike frame collection and sewing machine in the background.


  1. I like the stripey frame on Bob - is that Bob as in a Bob Jackson frame or just Bob the bike? I'm afraid to say I live in a flat with 3 bikes and a sewing machine and it's ALL mine! Oh dear me.
    Good luck with all of your planting and gardening - peas! Rhubarb! Impressive. I'm rather jealous and look forward to seeing the results :)
    Thanks for your nice words about my hat by the way, I like it very much too.

  2. It is Bob as in Bob Jackson, it never acquired a more imaginative nick name! It's in the process of being dismantled to send to the menders (seat tube has a crack - let's not talk about it...).

    I loose track of the bikes now - I've got three, the one I ride to work plus two frames he's bought me. Dan has one working, four other frames plus a very old Bates he's just bought, which is yet to arrive...

    There are three sewing machines in the house but one of them isn't mine! At this rate we'll be camping in the garden when we run out of room...


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