Thursday, April 1, 2010

Present to self

Water butt

This oh so fabulous and aesthetically pleasing creature is the new water butt. We don't have an outside tap, so regardless of the environmental disaster that is watering with tap water, this baby will save us traipsing through the house with the watering can, and thus general muck spreading involved therein. Dan's key disappointment on it's arrival though was that it was too small for him to get inside of it and pretend to be a Dalek. Water butt was necessarily a slim line model so we can still sit out on the patio with it. Better luck next time love x. Dan did get to buy a new drill bit to install it though, and there are few things that make him grin more than a new drill bit...

Water butt

The butt is actually fuller than it looks in this picture and working rather well. Dan was dubious we'd get much water from the small bit of roof it was attached to, but you should never underestimate the British climate... There was an even more auspicious event over the weekend. The first harvest - so here's to fresh salad leaves from now until October.

First harvest

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