Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring terrarium


Included in the spring time decorations over the fire place is this wee feller. A spring themed terrarium, happily egg shaped. Dan thinks it's a bit odd, but I've been after the perfect vessel for a terrarium for a while - finally managed to find this blown glass egg shape in one of KTs fine charity shop establishments. Terrariums are all the rage on the design type blogs, and the gardening ones too. You can still open up etsy with a good chance of seeing funny little mushrooms and other more eccentric miniatures for decorating your moss. Dan ain't seen nothin' when it comes to the weirdness of terrariums out there...


It's not a particularly complicated offering of terrarium design. A convenient place to put some of Dan's rock haul from our day trip to Aldebrugh for his birthday. A lump of moss from the garden (not short of that either). Placed a few of Dan's smaller stones on top and nestled in my Wade lamb for a touch of spring time fun. I doubt it will live in this form long past the end of April. There might be some retro-inspired air plants in it's future.


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