Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Yesterday, for the first time in - what felt to me at least - several millennia, the sun shone down on London town. Quick! must photograph everything in actual real light, immediatly. So in a bid to cheer myself up a bit, current garden highlights in sunlight...


Iast weeks pea sowing are this weeks peas sprouts. They emerge with the heads bowed and necks exposed, pale and slender. They rapidly fatten up and turn green and continue on their upwards trajectory. I had to move them outside into the cold frame today as the roots were escaping from the bottom, before the leaves have even opened.

crocusthe golden cups of our first croci in the lawn


hamamelisour new witch hazel (Hamamelis intermedia, westerstede), purchased with Christmas garden tokens. A welcome addition in our bereft winter garden


IrisIris pixie. One of the winter flowering bulb Iris varities - one of the best £2 I've ever spent. I'd happily get another truck load. We happened upon some in Regents park the other weekend and I had to have some.

snowdrops, finally stretching their wings in the sun.

p.s. the reason for extreme close ups is to try and hide how barren the garden really is at this time of year - working on it though.

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