Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend in review...

It starts here:
crocus lawn

The crocus lawn at the entrance to Hampstead Heath, on the way to the Parliament Hill farmer's market. There's snow drops too, but once the crocus kick in you can never see them. It does this every year - a crocus display to rival Kew. It's a shame it wasn't a sunny day to make the photo even more spectacular. Sunday morning arrived with the discovery that our freezer was broken and defrosted. For some reason this brought us great merriment (and a GIANT vat of chilli to use up the thawed mince). Sunday morning also involved a trip to the 'recycling centre' (aka 'the tip') to do some, well, recycling - thrilling, I know - but I did score these (for free!!):


Our own crocus lawn is coming on apace, it's pretty much peaking at this very moment. I think Dan and I have liked this even more than we thought we would. It's sort of, unexpectedly great. We didn't get that many bulbs, but they're all putting up multiple flowers. This might have been down to the extra cold winter, as crocus displays everywhere seem good.


The veggie patch is starting to look purposeful too - helped by spades and forks here admittedly. Dan laid a new path so you can actually reach the four quarters without becoming a gymnast. Weeding later in the season is a possibility now. Sowed carrots, parsnips and radish's and a second batch of peas (the first are hardening off a little before going in the patch.)

purposful patch
View from the veggie patch
View from the veggie patch in the early Sunday Evening (imagine blackbirds singing)

The evening culminated in dinner from the giant vat of chilli and a quick dash on the bikes over to the Roundhouse to watch Grizzly Bear. The Bear were great, even played 'deep blue sea' which made Dan and I very happy indeed. The event was slightly tinged by being surrounded by psycho girls, culminating in one of them dumping a pint over a guy before running off - his crime was being tall. But the stage lights were pretty enough to be distracting - like jars of fireflies

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  1. That crocus lawn is amazing--and inspiring! Thanks for posting!


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