Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Garden action plan

I  was going to take pictures of the barrow-full of new plants we've bought for the garden recently, but there's currently some variant of sleet or snow falling from the sky - it's neither sleet nor snow, but it is white - and I have a cold as it is. Just looking out the window at it makes my head ache a bit more. Instead I will be content with the garden inside the flat. I bought some Tete-a-tete and a forced hyacinth bulb to cheer us up a bit inside, and on Sunday I managed to sow some sweet peas (night and day mix) and eating peas (the very early variety, spring) in toilet rolls to get us on track for eating in 2010.


Top tip for toilet roll sowing - tie them together in groups of three so they don't all fall over like skittles when the cat wonders past. The precarious position is a result of necessity, not desire: we have one window sill in our flat, one! And it's tiny! I dream of a kitchen with long, deep, tiled, window sills..... and every winter I would fill them with paper whites and hyacinth bulbs.


Also managed to sit down for an hour or two and plan the garden for next six months or so - as in what to sew when, depending on what we want to eat. Next jobs on that list:
- sew green manure on the front plot (get a green waste collection from the council first!)
- get a first line of carrots and parsnips in
- pot on a few lettuces I've got and sew some more under cover
- sew purple sprouting broccoli
- and broad beans
- and leeks
- AND aubergines when the seed arrives
(and some morning glories)
- transfer the strawberries to their new bed

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