Friday, March 5, 2010


After the success of Dan's mittens I immediatly cast on Eunny Jang's Endpaper mitts. These have been on my knitting 'want' list a good few years, but I'd never had the courage to take the plunge with the stranded colour knitting before. A bit too daunting. Glad to have a pair of these finally, though - I think they were my new favourite gloves before I'd even finished the first one. It's still pretty chilly round these parts so I'll still have plenty of opportunities to wear them.

mittsJackson Mittens and Endpapers on the way home on the bus after Wild Beasts at KOKO: Wild Beasts = Awesome

I  frequently wear my Noro fingerless mitts, made eons ago, under my Norwegian mittens for extra warmth - I get very cold fingers - so I hatched a plan for a matching pair of mittens to slip over the top of these. I have stacks of this yarn left too - part of the Great Kentish Town PDSA Yarn Haul of 2009. I was a little nervous about the finish with this unknown wool/silk tweed, but it blocked really well for my endpapers, evening out the worst bumps at the seam edges just fine. However, it doesn't make great mittens. They're quite thin. I finished this first one very quickly, mainly because I was eager to see how my own chart would come out. They're wearable for spring or autumn, but they don't fit over my endpapers as I'd wanted - my own fault for doing them on the small chart instead of the large. Still I'm quite chuffed with the end result of my chart (and proud of my deer) so I think I'll rework it into the larger size and knit in something thicker for winter.

Closing note: The colours and pattern combined reminded Dan and I both strongly of Victorian floor tiles, so I'm sort of waiting for a trip to the V&A or other suitable venue for a proper photo shoot for the endpapers.


  1. Those are absolutely gorgeous! I've started wearing hand kitted gloves again and they are so cosy.


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