Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wedding: Photographs

In last years relentless march to emigration, I just plain forgot to take any decent pictures of the wedding knitting. Half of it now lives in a different country, so the only images I have are from our wedding day itself. Thus, before I can talk about the knitting or any of the other decoration bits and pieces, I have to introduce the absolutely wonderful Laura Babb

I've mentioned before that we won Laura's services through RocknRoll Bride. For that we had to describe our wedding, why we were doing things a certain way, and put together a mood board. The mood board bit was a lot of fun: trying to write about really personal things without sounding like cringe-inducing-hyperbole-spouting bride-to-be was less so (so I'm not repeating it here!). The bulk of the board was done in a hotel room in Philly whilst we were flat hunting in October. It was so close to our wedding day that it wasn't so much a mood board as a "this is what's happening" board. Laura specifically asked for the images used to be credited properly so she could publish the board, which is obviously very sensible. I don't think she was quite anticipating the scientist's take on that - a full on graphical key. You don't need to tell a scientist about referencing...

The image references:
  1. The Owl Service Plate, from Griselda Greaves’s drawings
  2. The Owl Service, by Alan Garner
  3. Print by Graham Sutherland
  4. Original water colour and ink artwork of an ‘assembled’ owl, by myself
  5. Plant skeleton photograph we took on a Boxing Day walk
  6. Leaf bunting and snowflake lights from our mantle in Autumn 2010
  7. Psychedelic Deer digital art, by TEVR
  8. Original water colour by Ola Liola 
  9. Monster drawing on a Post-it by John Kenn 
  10. Original illustration by Sandra Diekmann
  11. Wild Catalope illustration by Sarah Barrett
  12. Original water colour by Ola Liola
  13. The MacMillan Hunting Ancient tartan from Lochcarron of Scotland
  14. A man in a kilt, seen on (photographs by Elemental Photography)
  15. Our save the date card
  16. Our invitation
  17. A Ring of Bright Water by Gavin Maxwell
  18. Woodland table spread, seen on
  19. Autumnal wedding cake, Andies Specialty Sweets
  20. Lichen covered twig centre pieces, StudioChoo for
  21. Our wedding rings from Precious Jewelry Design
  22. Album cover for “A Garland of Song” by The Owl Service
  23. Album cover for “Too Long in this Condition” by Alasdair Roberts & Friends
  24. The Green Man from the Green Man Festival 2010
  25. My wedding dress, from BHLDN
  26. The Owl and the Pussycat, original mixed media illustration by myself
Laura and her partner Pete were brilliant on the day and before. We were so, so lucky to have them there. We had this idea of what we wanted the wedding to look and feel like for everyone and despite having no time we put a lot of effort into trying to make it happen. Somehow - and I have no idea how - Laura managed to capture the atmosphere we were trying to create in her photos. For heavens sake - there's even pictures of us wearing antlers with halos! I had not anticipated the mood board coming to life in quite such a literal way and, sat as we are thousands of miles from the event, the photos are a precious record of a transient moment.

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