Friday, January 13, 2012

New Years Breakfast

Before heading out to our inaugural Philadelphia New Years Day Mummers Parade we needed a hearty breakfast. When we gazed into the cavern of our ginourmas American Fridge we didn't come up with much, but we had the essentials of eggs and bacon (really good smoked Amish bacon too). Eggy bread? Boiled eggs and soldiers? Straight bacon and eggs with toast? When we pulled the bread out it had the beginnings of mould. Dan suggesting cutting off the the mouldy bits. For the purposes of this particular story you should now imagine a light bulb going off over my head....


One of my presents from Santa this year was "North Pole Animal" cookie cutters. Stale bread was now wolves, polar bears, sea lions, whales and penguins.... We'll ignore the fact that the manufacturers of these fine cutters didn't know the basic zoological fact that penguins don't live at the North Pole. The Wolf cutter makes up for that. 


Step 1: Cut our your animals and soak them in beaten egg


Step 2: Fry gently...


... on both sides


Step 3: Serve with a fine dusting of cinnamon, a decent glug of maple syrup, and fried bacon... mmMMMmm



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