Tuesday, January 17, 2012

chocolate covered pretzels


We've been living in America for over a month now. It was a slow start, what with not having social security numbers and all that jazz - but we're climbing slowly! We now have WiFi at home, a bank account, an account with the electric company - all the good stuff. We don't have any furniture yet and the apartment is a little sad since the Christmas tree had to go, but it's pay day soon so hopefully a sofa isn't too far away. A course summary of first impressions:

  • maple syrup
  • chocolate covered pretzels
  • sparrows
  • scrapple
  • jerky
  • ice hockey (go Flyers!)
  • the ever changing colours of Philly's skyline (and)
  • the view from our apartment
  • blood oranges in bulk
  • social security numbers
  • bonkers licensing laws
  • banks
  • the lack of supermarket online shopping and home delivery options
  • calling the main course an entree
  • the price of butter, tea bags and marmite
  • our neighbours
Things I miss about home (without mentioning our nearest and dearest)
  • rain
  • humid air
  • the dim slanting light of winter
  • the smell of the undergrowth
  • furniture
  • blackbirds and robins
  • our garden (trying not to think about that one too much)
  • heating that works
  • everything!


  1. Welcome to Philly! Don't miss out on FreeCycle for furnishing an apartment from scratch - it's a great place to pick up some stuff.

    It's been unusually dry here for the past few weeks. Hopefully we'll get more rain soon :)

  2. Hi Brie! Thanks for the welcome - can't believe we finally made it here. I've been keeping an eye on FreeCycle and the free listings on Craigslist too. I'm sure we'll figure it all out soon!

    Can't get my head around the weather at all - it's very disorientating....


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