Saturday, October 3, 2009


Spotted on the London Underground last week (sorry about the fuzzy picture), a poster for the National Portrait Gallery. The poster reads "Knitter: Lord Kitchener was the familiar moustachioed face of the First World War recruitment posters, which read ‘Your country needs you.' As Secretary of State for War, he enlisted and trained many thousands of soldiers - but he also had their comfort at heart. He is credited with devising the ‘Kitchener stitch', a knitting technique for seamless socks, designed to be gentle on those marching feet."


I was slightly over excited when I saw this. We were coming home from a secret midweek trip to the seaside for Dan's birthday and we were kinda pretty tired. But I think when I saw this I grabbed hold of Dan while I finished reading and then yabbered on about how the socks he was wearing at that moment were finished in kitchener stitch. Then took a picture. I made a bit of a fuss on the platform. Geek.

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  1. Love it. I had no idea that it was Kitchener who kitchenered first.


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