Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wedding: Knitting IV

Just one last piece of wedding knitting to blog - my cape/shrug/thing. So, having decided to knit everything in one yarn type for some sort of visual and artistic integrity, I then knit this in Noro Kogarashi. Let's be clear, Kogarashi is a lush bulky (12 wpi) 51% silk/49% wool yarn. It's gorgeous and smooshy and, as it's Noro, has just awesome colour variegation. It has to be said that it's relationship to the Scottish landscape is minimal though. There goes my artistic integrity.

Photo by Laura Babb
Our wedding was in November, I was anticipating icy winds and chilly drafts - as it was there was neither and the weather more closely resembled the last day of summer. What I'm trying to do is paint a picture of my state of mind. The only thing close to a knitter's pre wedding panic, is that feeling you get about two weeks before Christmas when your Christmas knitting list is barely half done and you have two pairs of socks and a scarf still to get through. I needed a warm layer, I had to knit it myself and I had a week to go. Bulky and drapey cuts the mustard in that situation. I planned a little better than that - I put the Ravelry research hours in, but I still gave myself knitting RSI in the process.

Photo by Laura Babb
I did it though! I finished ahead of time. I even got to wear it when the chill drifted into the air after dark. It wasn't obvious to me until I looked at our lovely photos though, that I managed to wear the frigging thing upside down the entire time. I was wearing it and thinking "this really doesn't feel as nice on as I remember, why is there all this fabric under my arms?".... I hope you can't especially tell, unless you know the pattern. The sad thing is that I had very, very carefully matched the variegation in the yarn in both halves of the cape so it mirrored properly. When it was the right way up, with a little (lot) of imagination I thought it looked like feathers. Maybe even owl feathers? The wrong way up doesn't do it for me.... see, this is the dirty underbelly of all those wedding blogs with their shiny perfect weddings! It's all lies!!

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