Sunday, February 5, 2012

Wedding: Knitting III

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find nice kilt socks? Impossible, that's how difficult. You can buy generic synthetic-y pseudo cabled jobbies and that's it. Nothing like good enough for my love on our wedding day. There are a few kilt sock patterns floating around the internet (rav link). They're pretty much exclusively overwrought with "celtic" cables and not Dan's taste at all. I wanted modern and colourful. Toirneach kilt hose by Aislinn L. Charlton-Dennis featured a nice plain wide rib on the leg and a rather elegant series of decreases to create a seam along the back - I thought that feature in particular would show off Dan's legs. The pattern is for worsted weight wool though, of which a) Dan would melt in and b) Starmore's 3 ply equivalent doesn't come in such an array of colours as the Hebridean 2 ply. I got in few colour choices and when Dan's kilt arrived we picked the one that went best. Then I measured, swatched, made a few calculations and came up with these:

You can just about see the detailing on the back of the socks in this shot. Photo by Laura Babb
Photo by Laura Babb
Photo by Laura Babb
This bit of knitwear is still around too, so I got to take a few detail shots just because:




And when your love dances the night away in his wedding boots, you can expect to find that his socks have felted a little around the ankle come morning.


  1. I love these! they look perfect with the kilt. It's antlers at the back of them right?

  2. yup! I was very proud of the antler motif I came up with :)


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