Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Post-it Valentine

Since moving to Philadelphia, Dan and I have acquired a small acreage of free time. We spend most of that time together. This, combined with the complete lack of any decent card shops in the near vicinity of work, makes it very difficult to buy cards on the sly. So I has to be a bit creative with this years Valentine.

First of all I had to convince Dan to go to CVS without getting suspicious... He was mildly curious about the Post-it notes I wanted, but my response of "I just like Post-its" went unquestioned. Lets face it, almost 8 years in to this relationship he'd heard plenty weirder than a sudden desire for sticky notes.

All I had to do was wait for Dan to go in the shower this morning and...

Ta Da! The trap was sprung. An antler/heart Post-it valentine, tee hee hee. All the better for being unanticipated by the recipient. Dan's response - "I thought you were being extra sneaky this morning". Anyway, whilst I was taking my turn in our shower, he got sneaky too:

Shoddy pictures courtesy of my shiny new iPhone... more of which later. LOVE me x 


  1. Points for creative use of stationary supplies!

  2. Thanks! This is what happens when you're separated from your garden - too much creative energy hanging around. It all gets a bit silly!


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