Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bicycle love

I  had a pretty successful weekend on the knit front - two more FOs to my name. My own anthro scarflet fell off the needles and the (much needed and long awaited) mittens I've been making for Dan for over a year (bad me) were finished off too. No photos for my scarf yet, and my model for the mittens was feeling shy I think because I was only allowed one quick snap on the way to the corner shop.



The colours of the mittens, though perhaps not to everyones taste, were specifically chosen from the vast range available at Jamiesons of Shetland to match Dan's much loved Bob Jackson bicycle frame. There were several reasons the mittens took so long:

1. they were my first real colour work project and I only got the knack of knitting with two colours at the same time when I picked up the second mitten about a week ago. Something clicked and I suddenly had the ability to hold both colours in my right hand at the same time, instead having to drop one or the other strand the whole time and get tangled and cross. At one point during the first mit I even tried knitting normal and continental at the same time (as was recommended in one of my books), but this was awful. Me and continental style knitting do not get on. I must have an inner Shetlander hidden away somewhere, cause I've no explanation as to why it suddenly started working.

2. Whilst having a break after the slog of the first mit, something terrible happened to Bob. Dan hit a london pot hole too hard on his way home and his seat tube cracked. The frame is repairable, but I feared the site of me knitting his gloves inspired by the frame would depress him further - so I held off until the new bike was up and running at least.

Bob (and my Nova) in happier days


The completion of the gloves marks, for me at least, the end of a long period of shame regarding Dan's gloves. The ones he had were grim, cold and definitely not handmade. And, honestly, nothing screams "My Girlfriends a Knitter!" quite like these bad boys...

P.S. Matching seat covers and handlebar bags over on etsy. *love*

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