Monday, January 26, 2009

Inspiration Wednesday - Animal Yokes

So, not that long ago I came across the owl jumper by Kate Davies and fell in love. This is firmly on my to do list. Even more so after encountering a method of doing cables without cable needles via Mason-Dixon. Shockingly I've never done cables, mostly I think because I've never seen cables I really had to knit before. As the pattern calls for circular needles too, the cost of investing in a circular needle set (I like the idea of interchangeable needles, I've put off buying any circulars at all so I could justify this to myself when the time came) and cable needles was somewhat prohibitive.

Almost immdeiatly after that first encounter with the owls I then spotted this gem on eBay (from this seller, brazenoleoman). I wasn't the lucky bidder, but it got me thinking...


...animals on yokes. A bit of hunting on Ravelry found me some squirrels and reindeer too.

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