Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New project

I've been wanting the make another cardigan for a while, but something lighter I can wear more often than the last one I made, which is really more of a jacket. After much thinking and flicking through Ravelry I settled on Alice, by Kim Hargreves (Rowan 35). I cheerfully cast on all 339 stitches of the bottom edging (less cheerfully towards the end there) on needles about six inches too short... After hoiking my way through that lot and doing all the cast offs for the frill effect, I'd pretty much decided I didn't like that particular detail - too fussy by far. I've cast on a sleeve instead, just three rows of straight garter stitch for an edge - less fussy, but prettier I reckon. I've yanked out what I'd knit on the back panel now, but you can see the comparison below. My new resolution: always start on a sleeve so you can really see if you like it or not before you've committed too many (wo)man hours!


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