Friday, January 23, 2009

New Year

So, New Year, new blog resolution. Write Something! Make Something!

Part of the reason for a total lack of enthusiasm was a terrible work load towards the latter half of last year. Another reason was the theft of my laptop. For a time I even gave up knitting (in the mistaken belief it was stopping me working)!! After going slightly mad for a while, I'm back on the knitting and some lovely christmas presents have me inspired again.

Amongst the goodies:
Embroidered Flora and Fauna by Leslie Turpin-Delport and Nikki Delport-Wepener...
...Rob Ryan Skirt from Cloth Kits...
...and a much coveted swooping swallow necklace from the Etsy shop Verre Encore.

As well as that, after barely having a minute to walk down the garden last year either, January gets me thinking of spring....

So, here's to the New Year and avoiding the financial crisis by making bread, knitting socks and growing some killer veg!

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