Sunday, April 1, 2012

365 progress: March 2012

My conclusion thus far is that a 365 project is a hell of a lot more difficult than I realised. Starting out, I think my photography actually got worse, not better. Lots of terrible photos taken at the end of the day - of anything - just so I had a photo. Obviously it takes practice to get into the mind set! Then I started trying to log the photos as I went along on Instagram, which meant I posted my photo for day 8 very early in the day only to take at least three better ones later on... it's all very confusing! So, as April progresses I'm giving myself less rules while I try and get the hang of this. I won't pick the photo till the end of the day (or even the day after) and I'll just try to keep taking pictures, hopefully with some sort of composition - because right now my Instagram feed is absolutely terrible.

March 2012
My summary calendar - when I saw this I was shocked by how dark all my pictures are...
Day 1
Day 1: Birthday dinner - Dan took the brunt of my forgetfulness
Day 2
Day 2: Taco
Day 3
Day 3: Our apartment
Day 4
Day 4: View from the bedroom window with a long exposure
Day 5
Day 5: My very glamorous staircase at work
Day 6
Day 6: The indoor washing line - Valentines still on the wall
Day 7
Day 7: Waiting for the trolley home (Dan had a puncture)
Day 8
Day 8: Lying in bed, watching Taco and the flag flying
Day 9
Day 9: Plotting...

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