Thursday, March 22, 2012

365: March 2012: New Life

Tomorrow is my Birthday. As well as making me 29 and this blog four years old, this birthday is my first as a married woman (wives get better presents right?) and my first living in America. It also means the start of my 365 project and I've decided my first task.

*drum roll*

For the remains of March my task will be to photograph (and appreciate without being miserable and homesick) my new life. My new HUSBAND, my new country, my new city, my new apartment, my new CAT, my new job, my new bike. I like the ones in capitals best of all, so they might get more photos than the others.

Here's a special bonus picture of Taco Belle being cute:

Taco belle


  1. *LIKE*

    Happy Birthday chump! Bring on the next 365 days!

  2. Taco Belle is beautiful, look at those gorgeous eyes! You really have had a lot of change in a short space of time. Enjoy 29, it was my favorite year, so much so I've been trying to hang on to it for years ;) Happy Birthday!!!

    1. I'm hoping 29 is more full of adventure and less full of stress than 28! Thanks CVF :)


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