Monday, May 10, 2010

I finally figured out what to knit

Green Flash socks

Socks! I started this pair for Dan a long long time ago, one was even finished. A bit of mindless stockinette and a turned heel later and here we are. Dan has new socks, by brain feels a little better and I have solved my casting on problem. Small projects that don't require instructions is all my head can cope with right now, but I need the knitting action. It's not that I find knitting hugely relaxing in and of itself, but somehow it helps me think. If I'm not *doing* anything whilst living through a stressful situation, my brain gets too noisy and stressy and thinks too much. It gets on top of me. The knitting occupies enough of it to keep it under control during necessary fragments of down time, while other quarters finally figure out how to describe receptor endocytosis... (hopefully).


  1. My Other Half finds gardening conducive, and staring out the window. He has about 6 months of his PhD left, but hasn't got knitting yet!

    Instead he spends 10 minutes putting on his socks and shoes, meditating in between each action. Does this sound familiar?

  2. Very familiar! I also walk down the end of the garden and stare at the vegetables a lot. Occasionally I give them a poke.

    Finished my intro/lit review yesterday so there is very little left to do - which is both exhilarating and a very odd sensation. What happens when you loose/finish what's defined you for the last 5 years?


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