Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Colours: a blog project

I missed garden bloggers bloom day this month (Saturday just gone) as life was a little too hectic to actually blog. I'd taken pictures of the blooms, but there was too much to deal with to be organised in time. No matter though, I had another blog project up my sleeve, and not including the blooms would probably help to that end...

Way way back at the beginning of spring, resurrection fern had a colour a day of spring themed images to look forward to the coming season (I can't find these posts just now, but they were there). This struck me as a brilliant idea because I'm a bit obsessed with colour, but I didn't have a large stock of photos to draw on. Over a few days this idea evolved in my head a little to a season in review. I gave myself a few flexible rules.

1. A week of colour, a colour a day, the colours of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. In the end, I struggled with the specificity of blue/indigo/violet and split this instead into simpler blue and purple catagories - thus 6 categories. I think now that I might change some of the colours with the seasons.
2. Images used focus on colour - so that colour choice over the set is obvious.
3. As many unblogged as possible (but not religiously).
4. Only new things, be it from the garden or things made or new experiences. The making has been very limited this past season so this time round it's almost all garden shots.
5. A review of each season: Spring, March/April/May; Summer, June/July/August; Autumn, September/October/November; Winter, December/January/February.

I'm starting this tomorrow, Wednesday. I meant to start on Monday, but if I wait for an appropriate day I'll miss out again no doubt and it'll be another idea down the tube. And I'm keen on this, I think it'll be a nice experience and a good thing to look back on. So Wednesday it is.

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