Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas and New Year

Happy New Year blog! The period before Christmas was fraught and then followed by radio silence as we went on our Yuletide journey the length of the UK and back again. No t'interweb at the final destination, or mobile phone signal for that matter, so communication with the outside world was cut to a minimum (hurray!). To abbreviate the Christmas epic I've composed a photo essay of sorts that covers most of the bases. It starts with a map of our journey:

The journey North: point A, Home, 21/12; point B, My Dad's new house, 21-23/12; point C, Assorted Uncles, Aunts, cousins and a Grandma belonging to Dan, 23/12; point D, a kind friends house in glasgow where we stayed the night, 23-24/12; point F, the final destination, 24/12-02/01. The journey South (through snow): point E, fish and chips in Ullapool (very important), 02/01; point D, back to glasgow to stay in the kind friends house while they were actually there, putting up with us despite their jet lag, 02-03/01; point I, my brother, his wife and the teeny tiny baby who made it home from the hospital on the 27th (hurray!), 03/01; finally - point A, Home again!, 03/01. 1445 miles (According to Google)

The wedding that my Ishbel was knitted for was grand

and the wedding also featured a handsome man in a kilt

start of the road trip: my Dad's two donkeys in the snow

traveling north


Christmas Day
The view on our Christmas Day walk down to the loch

passing place

cowry shells

balnakeil beach
Balnakeil beach

furious Christmas knitting in action

Cat in the snow (yes they came with us...!)

New Year
the first moments of the New Year, a full moon and snow. We walked out to try and set off chinese lanterns, but the wind was too strong. The ethereal light was worth it anyway.

playing on the beach

wing mirror



the view down the hill to Ullapool (and fish and chips)


home again, with our new tankards to celebrate


  1. Oh, WOW! Your Christmas sounds so amazing and your photos are just glorious glorious glorious. It must be rather strange to be back in flat, grimy, people-filled London.
    Love your blog - very happy I found it!

  2. Gosh, thanks very much! It's not so bad in London, it has it's own advantages :)


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