Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Catch up

So, having not blogged the knitting for so long there's a reasonable amount to catch up on. Having actual free time over Christmas meant I got some serious action in - which is quite unlike me!


First up, baby kimono from Mason Dixon knitting book the first. Which is a great little pattern, but I screwed up my seems (below) so I'm going to have to rip that out and do it again before it makes it's way to niece the second.

bad seems

Next, baby denim jeans for nephew the first. I finished a leg over the christmas break but I had to abandon the project halfway to switch to more pressing gifting matters (for receivers old enough to notice if they didn't get a christmas present on time). Reasonably quick, but all the extra knitterly details in the construction, whilst making a better finished garment, produced extra construction time I hadn't allowed for.


Then there was the anthro scarflet (photographed in fresh London snow a couple of days ago). I made the first one for my sister and I've just cast on an identical one for Dan's Mum. I liked this design in the shops, but I really liked knitting the pattern. A very satisfying neat result, as well as super quick. I didn't intend making one for myself, but I bought some wool in the sales to do just that in the end. I wear scarfs a lot and feel pretty naked without one when it gets too warm in late spring.


And finally, an improvised Wolf hood for my eldest niece, niece the first. I should probably, at some point, stop buying and making her things I secretly want myself, but I'm not entirely sure I can justify (or give space to) a collection of story books and matching accessories. She even looked pretty cute in it before she got too hot and had to take it off. We finally went to see Where the Wild Things Are at the cinema last Wednesday. I cried for most of the last 20 minutes, but I did enjoy it. It was a very complete world and absolutely nothing jarred as out of place, which is a huge achievement I reckon. So many films are spoilt by niggly things that aren't done well enough or don't fit and snap you out of your suspended disbelief at the crucial moment.


I also bought her this story book, which I saw first on Drawn!. Very very cool, but probably not to her taste really...

old lady

Well that list has made me feel a little better. My knitting efforts seem so insubstantial compared to a lot of the knitting blogs I flit through. One day I'll be rich enough to afford yarn and time enough to sit and knit fabulous things. Until then, this will have to do...

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