Friday, November 6, 2009

teeny tiny baby

Cycling home through London last night was a bit like cycling through a war zone, a great many bangs and whistles and flashes of light. Fireworks have certainly been going off a lot round here in the metaphorical sense. It's never bloomin' quiet round here it seems. My brother's wife had her baby ten weeks early on Wednesday, but things are going well it seems like and baby and Mum are getting stronger. Baby was so early Mum and Dad hadn't got as far as names for her, so she is just Tiny Baby at the moment, all 2lbs 6ozs of her. I've just about managed to stop feeling incredibly anxious about the whole thing and started to feel excited about having a new niece, gonna crack on with some teeny tiny baby hats and boots asap.

The Ishbel shawl is whizzing along nicely. I hate hyperbole, but I do love my new Knit Pro symfonie wood interchangeable circular needles I bought this year. Expensive, but brilliant to use: very smooth and light and just the right kind of pointy-ness. They literally make me smile as they slip through my fingers. I'm using Debbie Bliss Pure Silk, which I'm kind of undecided on as a yarn generally. The deep jewel tone colours are very tempting, as is the overall gloss of the skein. It's nice to work with certainly and drapes very well, but it seems to lose some of that magic as you work with it and it develops a light fuzz.... hmmmm....

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