Sunday, September 6, 2009


in the frogging process

I'm hoping it's going to be third time lucky with this Rowan Cocoon and Alchemy Haiku yarn, because this is the second project I've ripped out using it. I really like the yarn, but the projects were either dull and out of season (the massive scarf, rav link) or not designed for women with breasts (cardigan, rav link). The latter was massively unflattering on and so unstructured that the weight of the yarn just distorted it's shape to something quite ugly. Sadly ripping out was complicated by the fact that I tried to rescue the cardigan into something more wearable after it was finished - crocheting over with the Haiku to add strength and colour and invisible reinforcing under the arms. All to no avail.

There are, however, several positives to take away from this. I like the Cocoon and the velvety plump soft fabric it makes. I like the way the colour of the Haiku is allowed to sing out on the backdrop of the Cocoon fabric - if it was knit in a lace shawl or something similar I think that depth and delicacy of colour would get lost. It is very quick to knit with.

The only major sadness is some of that lovely Haiku had to be sacrificed for good during the rip-out.

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