Sunday, May 18, 2008

New things

The tartan dress was bought from a charity shop on my local high street. £4.99. It's handmade from medium weight woven wool tartan - the seeming is beautiful and it fits perfectly. One of those occasions when the item in question calls out as soon as you step over the threshold, demanding to be taken home and loved.

The bag was from sini&sanna on Etsy. It's also fantastically well made with the double virtue of being big enough to dump my daily life in - laptop, lunch box, paper work, knitting. It's actually a very fine cord though you can't tell that in this picture. The deep tones with that streak of yellow and turquoise  buckle just gives it that slightly clashing colour combination I love.

Finally my white cycling socks. These are actually finished now, not quite so well made perhaps, but they do the job I designed them for. As you might be able to tell from the picture they're toe up socks based on the Universal toe-up sock formula on Knitty incorporating a fairly simple lace feather/chevron pattern and knit in 4ply 100% cotton. The reason why both were being knit at the same time was simple - a very limited supply of yarn. They were going to be short socks so that wasn't a problem but I did have to knit them simultaneously to make sure I got socks the same length. Unfortunately the  lace pattern I chose doesn't actually stretch that well so they're slightly baggy and also a little difficult to get on... but this is only my second pair of socks ever and the first in cotton, so you live and learn.

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