Sunday, April 27, 2008

Paper potter

paper potter

About a month back now I finally got my hands on a Paper Potter. This wood turned contraption makes wee pots for seedlings out of newspapers and I'm a big fan. I hate 'pricking out' and I don't really get the point either and these little things can be put straight into the ground where the newspaper happily biodegrades without any faff or disturbing the roots - very neat, whilst recycling into the bargain. However the ones I kept inside did developed a bit a mould problem...

In a bid to stop this advancing and damaging my seedlings I decided the best option was to plunge them into compost and transfer to the cold frame to carry them on a bit which seems to have done the trick. On the bright side non of my outside seed sowings got any mould on the paper pots, so I think it was just a result of the warmth in our flat.

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