Wednesday, February 13, 2013

the Taco monster strikes again

Last night, as Dan and I sat on the sofa digesting our pancakes, I set about winding my two skeins of yarn. There weren't any loo rolls handy so I opted for the tried and true thumb method of creating a centre pull ball. Dan obligingly held the yarn for winding when it became obvious it was too stuck to itself to unskein easily. Sooner or later, Taco got involved. First a passive observer, then a mischievous poker and finally a very naughty bear indeed. We made quite the three-some, all more or less tangled in yarn. It would have made a great picture, but as all three of us were tangled up it wasn't an option. Taco got over excited to the point I was forced to give a wee smack to get her out of it. She bore the grudge, you could tell.

This morning as I lay in bed waiting for my turn in the shower, I started making some mini swatches:


When I got back from the shower, I found this:


Caught red handed! The look on her face was priceless. The fact that she knew it was bad as bad can be, but she went ahead anyway... what a terror....

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