Wednesday, February 2, 2011

From disaster to hope: February begins

January Garden disaster

he most amazing thing about a garden at this time of year is how quickly it returns back to life. Even as I was looking at it and feeling completely despondent, that I had let all my previous years of hard work down, things were happening underground. As I've cleared up I've uncovered many things and already the garden looks like the stage is being set for springs arrival. It's hard to express how I feel about the winter honeysuckle, it's the centre of life in our garden and the very first thing to say hello to the new year. It flowers for weeks upon weeks and, thanks to the number of bird feeders hung in it, it's the centre of bird and bee life in our garden too.

January Garden disaster

s I cleared the leaves from the surface of the pond I found this amazing creature. A very beautiful and very fat frog (with a distinct scottish twang in it's croak of course). Dan and I are hoping that this frog is a girl frog that this will be the spring we finally get frogspawn. She/he was too fat to get through the pond net, so I gently removed some of the leaves and peeled away the net so it could escape into the pond proper.

January Garden disaster

'm now aware that the world has moved on a little and it's February. This is a relief to be honest, as January was rather crazed. We achieved great things in January - we completed on our flat so it's finally ours, Dan secured a job in Philadelphia and I wrote my first grant application. We also took one or other of the cats to the vet on a weekly basis, but that's another story. January 2011 was epic, but the rest of 2011 isn't likely to be any different. In the months to come this year we are going to get married and then emigrate to the US.


  1. Ah the sweet breath of Spring is in this post. Life is surely stirring in your garden and do love your fat frog. Great, great news as you now have your own flat and a move to the States with the love of your life. Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding - your happiness in infectious.

  2. Last autumn I found a toad in our garden. I do hope it has survived. These amphibians might not be the prettiest creatures, but they're so very fascinating and useful to have in a garden.

    As for the wedding? I got married in September, and I can only recommend it. Have a great day, no matter how you do it! (We partied from 4pm to 6:30am, and that was perhaps TOO great a party as I was still hungover on the Monday.)


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