Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Wedding Cloche

I have a very important wedding to attend in December, and my mind is turning over what to wear. It's winter, it will be cold outside at least. The dress I really want to wear is kind of white though, albeit with a black print and touches of royal blue. To tone this down I was hoping to create a few accessories in tones of dark blue. In particular, Anna socks (rav link) in the marine shade of 4 ply soft; some slightly more delicate wrist warmers/fingerless mits than the ones I wore to my brother wedding (which I love, but are a little loud, below); an undecided scarf/shawl/shawlette (possibly ishbel (another rav link); but perhaps most importantly, a hat. A cloche to be specific. And having trawled Ravelry and even the internet to find a pattern, I cannot come across one that meets my requirements - which means I'm going to have to design one (eek!).

Mrs Beaton's

I mean, this needs to be a HAT. A proper wedding hat. Two reasons: a, my family has a strong hat wearing tradition at weddings and I don't want to let the side down; b, this is a special friends wedding in a beautiful location and I want to make sure I live up to the moment. I realise I'll probably end up wearing said hat for about 5 minutes before I get too hot inside, even in Decemeber, but I want to have it!

So, requirements (the client brief as it were):
1. Knitted, felted cloche - dark blue, marine/royal blue
2. Not to thick on the felting side, but dense enough to have good structure
3. Asymmetrical, with pleats and I like the idea of some ridges on the 'bell' too. Quite low over the brow, and cutting down close to my shoulder on one side.

Points of inspiration -
The Miss Fox cloche in the V&A exhibiton
The cloche's in lizarietz's etsy shop
And this purple vintage number

First things first, I ned to find the wool and swatch the hell out of it. To get the pleats just right I think I might need to make the bell first and add the pleats on, like the V&A hat.

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